1. Evidence for the theory of evolution includes all but __________ (Points : 5) the fossil record. biochemical similarities among all living things. catastrophism. biogeography.

1. Evidence for the theory of evolution includes all but __________ (Points : 5) the fossil record. biochemical similarities among all living things. catastrophism. biogeography. 2. Chelonia mydas is the scientific name for the green turtle. Chelonia is the __________ (Points : 5) genus. species. order. domain. 3. Characteristics of prokaryotes include all of the following EXCEPT FOR: (Points : 5) a single, circular chromosome most commonly reproduce by asexual fission having membrane enclosed organelles small in size and can only be seen with a microscope 4. Protists ____________. (Points : 5) are prokaryotic cells. have a nucleus. are most closely related to animals. live in dry environments. 5. Viruses are __________ (Points : 5) prokaryotic cells. eukaryotic cells. non-living particles. large in size. 6. Angiosperms produce all of the following EXCEPT __________ (Points : 5) flowers. fruit. pollen. cones. 7. An organism is multicellular, has cell walls made of chitin, and absorbs its food. In which Kingdom does it belong? (Points : 5) Animalia Fungi Plantae Protista 8. Dissolved sugar is carried throughout the plant in which tissue? (Points : 5) cortex xylem cambium phloem 9. Characteristics of animals include all of the following EXCEPT FOR: (Points : 5) multicellular unwalled cells capable of photosynthesis have the ability to reproduce sexually 10. Which of the following statements is TRUE? (Points : 5) Mammals are invertebrates. Invertebrates have a backbone. There are more species of invertebrates than vertebrates. Arthropods are the least abundant species. 11. Where is bile produced? (Points : 5) the gall bladder the pancreas the liver the small intestine 12. The sites of gas exchange in the lungs are the ____. (Points : 5) bronchioles alveoli bronchi integument 13. The functional units inside of kidneys are the ____. (Points : 5) sarcomeres ureters malpighian tubules nephrons 14. ___ tissue allows a body to detect and respond to internal and external changes. (Points : 5) Epithelial Muscle Connective Nervous 15. Which blood vessels return the blood to the heart from the lungs? (Points : 5) pulmonary arteries pulmonary veins systemic arteries systemic veins 16. The relationship between a flowering plant and mycorrhizal fungi is an example of ___. (Points : 5) commensalism parasitism mutualism predator/prey interaction 17. Currently, the human population is nearing ___. (Points : 5) 275 million 3 billion 7 billion 9 billion 18. Which of the following organisms would be found at the lowest trophic level of a food chain? (Points : 5) rabbit hawk mushroom oak tree 19. Which of the following is not considered a density-dependent factor? (Points : 5) An infestation of parasites on a deer population Competition for nesting sites for bald eagles Predation of cheetahs on a population of gazelles A hard freeze on a plant population 20. A keystone species ___ (Points : 5) nfluences the survival of several other species within a community. never goes extinct. has little impact on the ecosystem. has the largest population in an ecosystem.

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