101 Lab Mixed Sentences (1) – Protected View – Saved to this PC yout References Mailings Review View Help Tell me what you want to do Internet can…

someone please help ASAP this is over commas splices and fused sentences101 Lab Mixed Sentences (1) – Protected View – Saved to this PCyoutReferencesMailingsReviewViewHelpTell me what you want to doInternet can contain viruses. Unless you need to edit, it’s safer to stay in Protected View.Enable EditingEnglish 101 LabMixed SentencesRevise the following paragraph so that sentence parts fit together both in grammar andin meaning.1 A hurricane is when the winds in a tropical depression rotate counterclockwiseat more than seventy-four miles per hour. 2 People fear hurricanes because they candestroy lives and property. 3 Through storm surge, high winds, floods, and tornadoes ishow hurricanes have killed thousands of people. 4 Storm surge is where the hurricane’swinds whip up a tide that spills over seawalls and deluges coastal islands. 5 The windsthemselves are also destructive, uprooting trees and smashing buildings. 6 By packingwinds of 150 to 200 miles per hour is how a hurricane inflicts terrible damage even oninland towns. 7 However, the worst damage to inland areas occurs when tornadoes andfloods strike. 8 Many scientists observe that hurricanes in recent years they have becomemore ferocious and destructive. 9 However, in the last half-century, with improvedcommunication systems and weather satellites have made hurricanes less deadly. 10 Thereason is because people have more time to escape. 11 The emphasis on evacuation is infact the best way for people to avoid a hurricane’s force. 12 Simply boarding up a house’swindows will not protect a family from wind, water surges, and flying debris.HEEtWDELL

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