1)An aerobatic airplane pilot experiences weightlessness as she passes over the top of a loop-the-loop maneuver. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8…

1)An aerobatic airplane pilot experiencesweightlessness as she passes over the top ofa loop-the-loop maneuver.The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .If her speed is 530 m/s at this time, find theradius of the loop.Answer in units of km.2)A coin is placed 25 cm from the center of ahorizontal turntable, initially at rest. Theturntable then begins to rotate. When thespeed of the coin is 110 cm/s (rotating at aconstant rate), the coin just begins to slip.The acceleration of gravity is 980 cm/s2 .What is the coefficient of static friction be-tween the coin and the turntable?3)A car weighing 8300 N moves along a levelhighway with a speed of 76 km/h. The powerof the engine at this speed is 72 kW. The carencounters a hill inclined at an angle of 5.6?with respect to the horizontal.If there is no change in the power of theengine, and no change in the resistive forcesacting on the car, what is the new speed ofthe car on the hill?Answer in units of km/h.

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