6.Which of the following statements isalwaystrue regarding

6.  Which of the following statements is always true regarding melodies?        A. A melody can move by steps, skips or leaps.   B. A melody consists of a single note.   C. A melody is created by skipping notes of the scale.   D. A melody is the same as a major scale.7.  The sections of the Mass that remain unchanged throughout the year are known as the        A. Proper.   B. processional.   C. liturgy.   D. Ordinary.8.  Which of the following stringed instruments is still widely used today?        A. Rebec   B. Psaltery   C. Lute   D. Harp9.  Which of the following is a woodwind instrument?        A. Tuba   B. Drum   C. Synthesizer   D. Bassoon10.  Which characteristic of sacred music changed most significantly between 1100 and 1500?        A. Pitch   B. Texture   C. Language   D. Tempo

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