ASSIGNMENT: Please write 1-2 paragraphs about a “place” where you feel comfortable and welcome. This can either be a physical place or some sort of non-physical space. Please use these questions as pr

ASSIGNMENT:Please write 1-2 paragraphs about a “place” where you feel comfortable and welcome. This can either be a physical place or some sort of non-physical space. Please use these questions as prompts:1. What is it about the place/space that makes you feel comfortable and welcome?2. When and why to find yourself in this place?Laura Aguilar was an East Los Angeles-based photographer who made work about her experiences at the intersections of several marginalized communities. Some of the concerns central to her practice were themes of gender, race, sexuality, body size and class. Her career retrospective took place in 2018 at the Vincent Price Art Museum on the the ELAC campus.Please familiarize yourself with Aguilar’s work below with the two videos and the two print articles. Then complete the assignment.INTRO TO LAURA AGUILAR’S WORK: (Links to an external site.)VIDEO FROM KCET: (Links to an external site.)KCET ARTICLE: (Links to an external site.)CHICAGO MAGAZINE: (Links to an external site.)

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