CHAPTER 5 CONCURRENT FORCES OF ENGINEERING MECHANIC VAL IVANHOFF 5.7 Determine the mass lifted and the forces in members AB and BC in the below…

Concurrent Forces.Can you please help me with questions and answer for 5.1 to 5.20Attachment 1Attachment 2CHAPTER 5 CONCURRENT FORCES —OF ENGINEERING MECHANIC VAL IVANHOFF 5.7 Determine the mass lifted and the forces in members AB and BC in the below figure, when thetension in the cable is 20 kN. 5.1 Determine, graphically and mathematically, the equilibrant for each of the systems of forces llthe below figures. Wk" 7 I 6‘61 N 5.8 The figure below represents joints in a simple pin-jointed roof truss. Using the informationavailable for each joint, determine the unknown forces by constructing a separate polygon of forces for each joint.. 8 W 10 m l 16 kN F1(c) M 1Fa5.2A light ?tting of mass 1.5 kg is hanging from the ceiling on wire AB and is tied to the wall by string BC. Determine the forces in AB and BC. EIN ‘ Fe 19 m5.9 A 120 N force is required to operate the foot pedal shown in the figure below. Determine theforce on the connecting link and the reaction at the bearing. 5.3 A Streetlight of mass 15 kg is supported at midpoint between two poles by a cable ABC in thebelow figure. if the length of the cable ABC is 20 m and distance 80 at midpoint is 2 m, determinethe force In the cable. 5.10 From the figure below, determine the force in the supporting cable AB and the reaction at Cfor the following conditions of loading on the jib-crane shown. (a)m=1t,x=1m (c)m=2t,x=2m (b)m=1t,x=4m (d)m=2t,x=3m 5.4 The jib-crane in the below figure carries a load of 1.4 tonnes. Determine the forces in the jiband the tie. A DL 5.6 Determine the force acting through the axis of the pulley shown in the below figure. Does themagnitude or direction of the force depend on pulley diameter? 5.11 A beam is subjected to a load of 10 kN as shown in the figure below. Determine the supportreactions at each end for:(a) 9 = 20"(b) 9 = 40"(c) 9 = 60" 10 kN 2m 2m l

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