CJ 790 8-2 Final Project Submission: Capstone Components 1 and 2 Submit your final problem analysis (Capstone Component 1) and presentation to internal stakeholders (Capstone Component 2). Your proble

CJ 790 8-2 Final Project Submission: Capstone Components 1 and 2Submit your final problem analysis (Capstone Component 1) and presentation to internal stakeholders (Capstone Component 2). Your problem analysis should include the following four primary sections, as presented in the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document: statement of the problem, analysis of the problem, literature review, and proposal.Your presentation to internal stakeholders should be a compilation of key aspects from your research into the criminal justice issue you identified. In addition, you should include an explanation of how your proposal supports the organization’s mission, your strategy to communicate the proposal to external stakeholders in your selected city (including members of the community), and an estimation of where the organization and surrounding community will be five to ten years after proposal has been implemented.Your final submission of Capstone Components 1 and 2 should be a refined version of your previous coursework in Milestones One, Two, and Three. Be sure to incorporate any feedback you received into your final submission.To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.Guidelines for Submission: Your problem analysis should be 15–20 pages and follow APA formatting, including a title page, table of contents, and reference page. For the presentation to internal stakeholders, there is no minimum or maximum number of slides required. You should use your best judgment to create a presentation of appropriate length that will convey the relevant details of your proposal while keeping the attention of your audience. Your personal and professional reflection should be 5 pages and follow APA formatting.  FeedbackMilestone One: Component 1: Statement of the Problem and Analysis of the ProblemMake sure you write enough to address the rubrics requirements. The paper was a little short on content 1/2 page, but I did not take off for it. Primarily because your writing was very precise and inclusive.DaveMilestone Two: Component 1: Literature ReviewCJ-790-01: Apply moral reasoning to make ethically sound and socially responsible decisions that exemplify service philosophy and leadership in the field of criminal justice: As always your content is complete and shows that you are applying excepted reasoning to your project.CJ-790-02: Employ criminological theory, research methodologies, and analysis to impact solutions to contemporary issues and problems in the field of criminal justice: The research theory selected will work well in this case.CJ-790-03: Utilize multiple strategic planning and problem-solving approaches that impact crime reduction and public service and that reflect critical and creative thinking: Your milestone has logical planning and everything seems to fit.CJ-790-04: Create authentic strategies and plans designed to improve and maintain effective organizational structure and culture for influencing professional identities, criminal justice management, leadership, and policy making: After reading your milestone it is laid out in what seems to be a very doable order.CJ-790-05: Employ effective decision-making methods and strategies that reflect versatility of thought in addressing the diverse needs of public service agencies: Excellent job on this.CJ-790-06: Employ professional, appropriate communication strategies for effective resource planning, consensus building, and long-term planning: Verbiage is very appropriate.

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