Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Economics of Organizations: Take Home Exam.

Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Economics of Organizations: Take Home Exam. At that time, $5 per day was an extremely high wage to pay manual workers in factories such as the Ford facilities. It was hard enough to even have a job in the first place at the time Ford made this major move, so it was indeed a shock. The economy was really in a shaky situation, as it is today. Having a job at all at that time was considered to be very good luck. People who did have jobs worked very hard much harder than many manual laborers do today. They did not expect handouts from the government, as many of the unemployed in today’s world find themselves doing, whether they are in a situation where they can help it or not. Workers back then were tough, and they certainly weren’t freeloaders. Back in ancient Rome, welfare ruined the city and actually led to its failure. The government handed out money to a few greedy companies, those companies went under, and the rest of the city went under with them. This is definitely not a scenario one wants to see happen again. It is also possible that, at that time, Ford had a monopoly on the automobile industry and his altruistic nature guided him to share his excess profits with his employees.

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