Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: German Population. By studying the population change over the last 50 years, we will be able to find out how this separation affected the population distributio

Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: German Population. By studying the population change over the last 50 years, we will be able to find out how this separation affected the population distribution. Another factor which makes Germany stand out and ideal for this case study is the fact that Germany is listed as the host of the third-highest percentage of international migrants worldwide. (United Nations Population Fund, 2006) Besides this, Germany’s population is changing in a way where the birthrates are much lower than the death rates which is causing the population to age. Therefore, studying this will help us learn a lot about one of the most pressing problems for countries all over the world. These were all the facts that made Germany ideal for a population change case study. I also have a few personal reasons for why I have selected Germany as my country under study. Firstly, every year I hear about Berlinale, F1 race, Internationales Beethovenfest, and Oktoberfest, which are makes me very interested in Germany. However, the main reason for choosing Germany is that a few of my friends and I are planning to go Germany for a vacation after this spring term, so this assignment is a great chance for me to discover more about Germany before I go there. Germany also has a lot of amazing buildings, such as Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built by König Ludwig II based on the idea of a fairy tales castle. Therefore, I’m really interested in Germany, as it is a place with so many things to learn about.Introduction. According to the July 2008 estimates, the population of Germany is approximately 82,315,548. (Central Intelligence Agency, 2008) The total population figure has also been falling recently. In 1958, the population of Germany was 72,031,000. Out of these, 54,719,000 were in West Germany while 17,312,000 were in the East. As we can see, the population has risen by approximately 10,284,548 since then. ‘However, if we look at the yearly trends, the population growth rate fluctuated a lot. The population growth rate was not positive throughout. From 1958 the population change rate has been mostly increasing, although, there have been years when this rate was negative. There has been no drastic percentage change in the population throughout these 50 years. The maximum increase has been 1 percent and the maximum decrease has been 0.5 percent. From 1950 till 1973, the population kept on increasing. This pattern change when the population started to fall until 1985. Then it started to increase again, reached its maximum in 2003 and since then it has been falling. (Population Reference Bureau) Also, another change can be seen in the distribution of the population within East and West Germany. In 2006, the population in West Germany was 65,667,000 and the population of East Germany was 16,648,000. As we compare this with 1958’s data, we notice that the population in West Germany has increased while the population in East Germany has decreased. (Federal Statistical Office, 2007) Factors Affecting Population and Change. The projection of population carried out by the Federal Statistical Office shows that the population will keep on falling in future and by 2050, the lower limit of the expected population will approximately be what it was in 1950. According to the Population Reference Bureau, the population will fall by 13 percent by 2050. (Population Reference Bureau) The government is worried because this fall in population is largely the result in a fall in the birth rate. According to the Population Reference Bureau, in 2008, the percentage change because of Births and Deaths in population was -0.2 percent.

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