Compose a 250 words assignment on response to liberalism and racial justice. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 250 words assignment on response to liberalism and racial justice. Needs to be plagiarism free! Response to Liberalism and Racial Justice A capitalist society usually results to the emergence of social stratification.Social stratification implies that the members of the society are classified into social classes. the lower class, middle class and the upper class. Social stratification emanates from the capitalist economy, where capitalists considered the rich are the owners of the factors of production. The laborers are considered the poor who provide labor services. This social stratification results to class tensions, which Karl Marx considered to be unavoidable in capitalist societies such as United States (Pilling 54). I agree with Karl Marx that capitalist societies are characterized by class tensions. Modern capitalist societies are adopting liberalism and racial justice strategies in order to achieve equality and liberty in the society. The liberalism strategies aim to attain class harmony, as opposed to class conflict. The strategy institutes regulatory and social welfare frameworks, which address the grievances of the lower and middle classes (Pilling 56). The racial justice strategy aims to protect and extend constitutionally assured rights to individuals who have traditionally been deprived of their privileges on the basis of race. The strategy is dedicated to maintenance racial parity and fighting racism in all ways through legislative initiatives, community training and organizing, litigation, and public education. These ways aim to address the extensive range of issues, which unreasonably and negatively impact individuals of color (Pilling 59). These strategies are demonstrated by political ideologies in United States especially between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats adopt liberalism strategies through social welfare programs and regulatory frameworks, which aims at addressing the grievances of the lower and middle classes. Republicans aim to dismantle these regulations and programs, and this consistently agitates racial tensions, which are habitually entrenched in class stratification. Works CitedPilling, Geoff. Marxist Political Economy: Essays in Retrieval: Selected Works of Geoff Pilling. New York: Taylor & Francis, 2012. Print.

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