Compose a 2500 words assignment on business ethica(ba business management ). Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 2500 words assignment on business ethica(ba business management ). Needs to be plagiarism free! It is important to respect others and to be tolerant of differences. Also essential to have good manners and avoid bad language at all costs. Also, essential to understand others feelings and not to hurt or hit others but work on dealing with issues in a more respectful and peaceful manner.c) Responsibilities: To be responsible, it is important to be perseverant, and to always give in the best for everything. Also, having self control and being self disciplined along with being accountable for choices and to think before acting, with a complete consideration of all consequences.d) Fairness: It is important to work based on rules and to share with others. Also important to be open minded and should be able to listen to others. It is also essential not to take advantage of others and to be very careful before blaming anyone.It is essential to also note that control systems need to be in place for effective ethics programs. Companies can use two types of control systems these include, a) Based on compliance, and b) based on values. The compliance based help in creating a more orderly behaviour and also ensures that the legal aspects are taken into account and complied with. The value based is more supported by the shared values and here the company can focus more on the company’s values rather than rules and regulations (Weston, 2010). Together with the control systems and the above mentioned points companies can build well developed ethics programs.There have been a number of arguments for and against the social responsibilities. Firstly, considering the arguments for social responsibility, include, creating better environment, considering the public expectations, and the long run profits, considering the ethical obligations, and public image. Social responsibility also allows a balance between responsibility and power and helps keep up with the shareholders interest and the possession of the resources.

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