Compose a 750 words assignment on why do i consider myself a worthy candidate for the certain position. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 750 words assignment on why do i consider myself a worthy candidate for the certain position. Needs to be plagiarism free! My answer about the relevance of my education to the discussed position was not very specific and I did not even indicate what position I applied for. I should have said it in this manner: “Good aural-oral command of the English language, knowledge on basic Math operations, and a competitive training on writing and composition are parts of my education that are relevant to the position I have applied for. A firm foundation on aural, oral and written English, as well as the ability to quickly add, subtract, multiply or divide numerical data, are skills that every Customer Service Associates should have. These areas of my education are very helpful to an aspiring CSA like me, as they will enable me to deal with clients of all walks of life and successfully close any transaction they might have with the company.”Why do you want to work for us?“I want to work for this company because not only is it reputed to have a good working environment that drives employees to excel, but it also has a record of fairness. This implies that the company strictly complies with existing labor laws and provides its workforce with certain opportunities for growth. In addition, I want to work for this company because its mission-vision is very much in line with my personal goals.”The quoted paragraph above was my reply to this particular question during my job interview. I do not think any necessary revision should be made because the answer really captured the thoughts I intended to express at that time. Why do you think you are the best person for the job?I answered this question with by saying, “I believe I am the best person for the job because I am dedicated, devoted and armed with the right knowledge and skills. I will work to the best of my abilities.”My answer was very short and perhaps it did not explain properly why I believe I was the person best qualified to take on the job. The following is what I should have answered:“I believe I am the best person for this job because I am equipped with the knowledge and skills suitable for the position I have applied for. Such knowledge and skills are also honed by a high standard university with competent instructors. More than that, however, I am a person who is very much dedicated to almost every aspect of life. I am willing to sacrifice time, energy and resources just to get a job done. Giving up is also not in my vocabulary. Thus, if I am given my job, I will do my utmost to deliver the performance you seek.” What are your strengths and weaknesses?“My strengths as an individual would stem from the drive to excel, sincere devotion to the responsibilities and tasks assigned to me, and the ability to cope up with pressures while delivering outputs on time. I am also helpful, willing to learn, willing to improve, and open to ideas. As for my weaknesses, although I can submit my work on time, I am not a stickler for attendance. There are also times that I forget the rule.”I believe my answer above was all right, but I may have discouraged my prospective employer by being too open with my weakness. I should have further added that “On the whole, I am rule-abiding and obedient to my employer and have almost outgrown the tendency to be tardy.” Where do you see yourself in five years time?I have always considered this question as one of the hardest as the future is not that easy to predict all the time. No matter how much an individual plans the course of his life, not everything may go his way or he might change his preferences along the route. I do believe that my answer below was sufficient and I would still answer in the same way during future job interviews:“In five years time, I see myself working for this company, in a regular position, and enjoying my work. If time and circumstances permit, five years from now, I would already experience growth in my chosen career as well as emotional and mental maturity. Hopefully, I would also remain contented with my working environment, my employer, my colleagues, my position, and, of course, my self.

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