Conflict and Communication Conflict in the Movies Select a movie that deals with conflict and communication.

Conflict and CommunicationConflict in the MoviesWrite 2 page, double spced paper that reviews the movie, including the diversity of themes that you observed. Include the title of the film, the year it was produced, the main characters, and a brief plot outline. Next, address the theme or themes that you noted while watching the movie. These are some different themes that may be addressed:cultural differencesissues of racegender issuesreligious issuesage discriminationphysical or mental ability or other differencesInclude a few paragraphs on how the movie made you feel. Were you angry, sad, sympathetic, or amused? Analyze the message you believe the movie was supposed to make and the feelings those messages were meant to evoke. Was there an obvious conflict addressed by the film? Discuss how the conflict was handled by different characters. Support your discussion by referencing at least one of theories or approaches from our readings in the course. Was a problem solved in a way that satisfied all parties? Was there violence depicted? If so, were there better ways of resolving the conflict? Could you imagine yourself in a situation like the one depicted in the film? How would you have reacted? Conclude your paper by addressing how understanding conflict in this film will help you respond to cultural conflict.Movie ideas link:

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