Create a time vector t = [0:2]; and a squarewave signal with a period of 1. sw = (1 + square(2*pi*1*t))/2; and plot the squarewave as a function of…

Create a time vectort = [0:0.001:2];and a squarewave signal with a period of 1.sw = (1 + square(2*pi*1*t))/2;and plot the squarewave as a function of time.Approximate the squarewave with the Fourier SeriesWhere T is the period of the squarewave.Use a looping structure using a for statement to evaluate the Fourier Series. Plot the squarewave and the Fourier Series approximation for N = 0, 1, 3, etc. and observe how the series converges. For each figure provide a legend that will identify the traces.Organize the program in sections.

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