def allVowelsA(word): Note: empty string is legal, and should return empty string (a) make sure word is of the correct type if (type(word)!=str):

def allVowelsA(word):Note: empty string is legal, and should return empty string(a) make sure word is of the correct typeif (type(word)!=str):________________________________________ (b) if word is empty string, return empty string __________________________________________: return “”# Now we know we have at least one letter in the word vowels=”aeiouyAEIOUY”# (c) If the first letter in the word is a vowel…if ( _________________________ in vowels): ch = ‘a’else:# (d) Otherwise, keep the same letter ch = _________________________ # (e) Combine the first letter with a recursive call on rest of word return ch+_______________________________________________allVowelsA(“by”) produces “ba”allVowelsA(“alien”) produces “alaan”allVowelsA(“boot”) produces “baat”allVowelsA(“fruition”) produces “fraataan”

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