DESIGN PROJECTProblem:The client wants to support his building and slab with conventional foundations and a conventional slab to keep costs down. What could you do to the soil to permit this type of construction?You may need to modify the soils somehow. How will you test the soils in the lab to be sure that the resulting compacted fill is acceptable for this type of construction? Devise a lab testing program that would give the assurance that the final compacted fill will be acceptable. The purpose of your testing is to provide specifications to the grading contractor for treating and preparing the subgrade. Provide recommendations to reduce the influence of ground water on the subgrade and foundation to be constructed? Your report must include a Cover page, Purpose, Equipment List, Diagrams/ sketches/ photos of the equipment, Description of procedure, Data sheets for the lab guys to fill out, Sample calculations, and graphs needed. Also provide a short discussion of what problems you may expect.

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