Discussion Board (A Retailer Case Study): To learn more about Zappos, review the company blog below.

Discussion Board  (A Retailer Case Study):To learn more about Zappos, review the company blog below. To learn how a company employs Corporate Social Responsibility, watch the following video on Zappos at the link below and answer the below questions.http://www.cengage.com/marketing/book_content/lamb_9781285091860/videos/ch03.htmlWrite responses to the following questions: 1. Does Zappos employ a societal marketing orientation, or is it just a company that has a large amount of corporate giving?  2. Visit and explore the Zappos blog, blogs.zappos.com. How is Zappos using this website to practice Corporate Social Responsibility?  3. At which level of the pyramid of corporate social responsibility is Zappos operating? Why?  4. At which level of morality does Zappos appear to operate? Why? Minimum of 100 words for discussion

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