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I am struggling with these questions while practicing with a test. I am looking for solution for these question but would like a explanation on how to do it not just answers as I am trying to learn how to do similar problems.Below I posted the 3 questions I am struggling with:(3…but: EEtta20.4_“’020.0 12345673910 0 Age at Death (years) FIG. 4.13 The hypotheticai cumulative probability function fora population of ?sh. 4.9 Problems 1. The state of Wyoming (U.S.A.) lies between longinldes 104°W and”PW, and between latitudes 41°N and 45°54. Meteorites strike the Ea?h atrandom with respect to space and time. What is the probability that the nextmeteorite that arrives will strike Wyoming on a Tuesday if: a. We know in advance that the meteorite is traveling along a path par-allel to the Earth‘s axis and will arrive from the north? b. The direction of the meteorite’s approach is purely a matter ofchance? In this case. there is equal probability that the meteorite will strikeany location on Earth. 2. In a hypothetical population of ?sh, the cumulative probability of dyingfollows the curve shown in ?gure 4.13. All ?sh die by the time they are 10years old, and the equation for the curve shown is 2P(age at death 1: x) = (ix—0) . a. What is the probability density function for this population?b. How likely is it that a ?sh will die between the ages of3 and 4 years?3. You are working with a population of sun?owers whose heights arenormally distributed with a mean it = 2.3 meters and a standard deviation cr = 0.5 meters. a. If you pick a plant at random from this population, what is the prob- ability that the height of this sample is between 2.6 and 2.9 meters?b. if you pick a plant at random, what is the probability that its height is exactly l.9 meters?

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