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May you please edit this research paper and make it better, include the in-text citation and grammar please. I appreciate it Thanks ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Dennicka Kazzandra S. Manzanillo English 100 Rough Draft 10/01/12 ?Language Discrimination? Discrimination nowadays is very rampant especially for Filipino Nurses in the Hospital Setting. We Filipinos have different languages that we speak; we have Ilocano, Tagalog, Visayan and etc. Those dialects prove that we Filipinos are intelligent in a way that we are raised and taught of different languages in the Philippines. The struggle for identity and the fight against discrimination has always lodged in the Filipino spirit from the time we Filipinos arrived in United States. According to the Long Angeles times a group of Filipino Nurses are being discriminated through their accents and speaking Ilocano and Tagalog during their break. Filipino Nurses should be tolerated to speak their native language for the Filipino patients in order to provide a better care and explain their sicknesses and diseases and communicate well with them. One great example of this situation is the recently Filipino Nurses Win Language Discrimination Settlement case. In this article, it says that there are 69 immigrants who had suffered a constant harassment, humiliation and discrimination. In my opinion, Filipino Nurses should be tolerated to speak in their own language especially to those patients or other employees in the Nursing facility who can?t understand English as there second language. This could help the patient understand more his/her condition in the way that the nurse could explain View the Answer to the patient what is his/her condition. Although I know that in any nursing facility they have a certain rule that they need to follow and one of them is speaking English in the facility which I do disagree. Another factor could support my thesis is by explaining the Filipino Nurses to the patients their case regarding their situation through their sickness. This could be a big help to the patient because they may understand more about their situation on how they could improve their health. One great example when I volunteered at Hale Makua for 2 years and I observed that in every facility they speak English wherein I understand because I know they have a policy that ?Speak English Only? but one day, I encountered a Filipino patient and she is 86 years old she is explaining what she wanted to the LPN or licensed practical nurse and the nurse couldn?t understand because the patient is talking Filipino. After the nurse left, I went to the patient room and asked her what she need and she said ?Could you put some cream on my back because it?s itchy?? That simple task that the resident may ask could be a simple help to the patient because you and the patient itself have the same language. Right after I helped that patient my mind thinks back and said to myself? Why do they prohibit speaking any language in the facility? A lot of susceptible thoughts came in my mind. They may think that we are talking bad things to the other nurses or gossiping whenever we may have time, but this is not the reason why do I disagree to the ?Speak English Only Policy?. I do not think that anyone is prejudice or racist for complaining about not being able to understand fellow co-workers when they speak a different language than English. We are after all discussing a situation that is happening in the U.S. That said, I can also understand that in a highly stressful situation — a code (for instance), a person may think and react quickly and may speak in his/her native tongue — without considering the actual environment and the people around him/her. Show entire document Dear Student, Thank you for… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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