Evidence-based hand hygiene prevents the transmission of the most important nosocomial pathogens and helps to keep healthcare workers safe and…

Following the success of the unit and the approval of management, the educational department will be contacted to assist with the new guidelines into policy and procedures. Once the policy is created, the change will slowly be rolled out to other departments in the organization. This will again take some time to continue to evaluate the process. As change occur and necessary for further change, the team will continue to meet to determine if the change is a succeed or not. FindingsThere are many avenues available to disseminate information internally. There are various offering such as Alerts and Recommendations, Clinical News Alerts. The organization also provides a Health Stream Learning System that requires staff to complete educational models pertinent to their role within the organization (Dearholt & Dang, 2012). The organization provides various departments to assist in getting the findings published. Another avenue to pursue would be the local newspaper and television reporters

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