Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Compare and contrast. It needs to be at least 750 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Compare and contrast. It needs to be at least 750 words. Some studies have argued that the nutritional value of both fresh and frozen food is the same, and in some cases, can be higher for frozen/canned foods. This is exactly what has been suggested by a research conducted in 1997 by the concerned department in one of the American universities. Furthermore, research has concluded that canned pumpkins may provide 540% of Vitamin A versus 26% for the same amount of fresh pumpkins (Squires, 1997). Similarly, canned poultry and fish, which are high in protein content, remain unaffected by heat and, therefore, possess the same nutritional value as that of their fresh counterparts. In fact, the canning process ensures higher calcium content in canned poultry and fish than otherwise. On the other hand, differences in nutritional value between fresh and canned produce have been observed. This is because of the time at which the food is picked. Fresh food (including fruits and vegetables) contains highest nutritional value when purchased in season. Grocery stores often indulge in the practice of picking fresh produce before it is fully ripe. On the contrary, food picked for canning is often fully ripe. Thereafter, the heating process during the canning process destroys the vitamins resulting is lower nutritional value (Rinzler, 2011). According to one study, the amount of carotenoids (convertible into Vitamin A by human body) is depleted by the heating process in canned foods (Edwards & Lee, 1986). Furthermore, the use of chemical preservatives to prolong the shelf life of canned foods can prove to be highly unhealthy, yet deceptive. This is because, while the food may “appear” to be fresh, it may have become toxic or stale by being kept that way for a long time. I have personally experienced this when using a can of mushrooms where the mushrooms ‘appeared’ fresh but gave me food poisoning the next day of consuming it. Next, there exists controversy related to the cost of canned vs. fresh food. Most people seem to believe that canned food is more costly than fresh food. This is true, to some extent, because canned food costs groceries more to purchase compared to fresh foods (Price, 2012). Therefore, these high costs of purchase may be passed on to customers as high prices. Furthermore, the higher costs of canned food reflect the added convenience that people purchase when they pay a higher price for such food. Canned food can technically be bought at any grocery store or supermarket and may be ready to consume, requiring no prior preparations. The lower costs of fresh food are attributed to the lower convenience attached to such food as fresh food, including fruits and vegetables, may have to be cleaned, washed or prepared prior to consuming it. Owing to the convenience (no prior preparation required) offered by canned foods, it is no wonder that the working class has been drawn towards them in their busy routines (Strasser, McGovern, & Judt, 1998). On the contrary, there are sufficient reasons to suggest that fresh and organic food costs significantly more than canned food. The term “organic” has given a new meaning to what was previously known as ‘fresh’ food. This label has increased the cost of the food possessing the label as organic produce, unlike canned and processed food, is usually free from harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides (Ricke, Loo, & Johnson, 2012).

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