Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Integrated Marketing Communication and Customer Satisfaction strategy.

Hi, need to submit a 1000 words paper on the topic Integrated Marketing Communication and Customer Satisfaction strategy. Globaltechno marketing team is looking at growing globally and adding the Korea to their international market. The first task for marketing strategy would be to identify the target consumers which happen to be the large number of air travelers to Korea.A more focused approach will be to target a particular age group or a social class of people. The advertising should aim to recover the old loyal customer base. Next, promote awareness of Globaltechno watches, then stimulate sales directly and “attract competitors customers”, and lastly modify its image. Once the business reputation is established and its products are positioned within the market, the amount of resources used for advertising will decrease as the consumer loyalty base expands (Shea, Barbara & Jennifer Haupt, 1995).Advertising mediums like the print media, television, and travelers’ guide map sponsorships, advertising opportunities in and around the airports will have to be effectively exploited. The Department for watch manufacturing in Korea estimates that it serves over 2 million customers a year which presents a large market that may be exploited for expanding Globaltechno consumer base. Demand for watches is projected to grow in the medium to long-term. The right artwork, promos and tag lines will be developed for which employing an advertising agency to create the art work is recommended. A systematic value network will provide a system of partnerships to distribute Globaltechno products as well as provide customer services. Globaltechno’s entry into Korea will definitely expose the brand to a larger marketplace.A number of parameters will be effective in determining the effectiveness of advertisement campaign. Number of enquiries received from an advert and how many of these actually converted into sales. It will be important to determine customer awareness both before and after the advertising campaign.

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