Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The Salient Opportunities in Motorolas External Environment.

Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic The Salient Opportunities in Motorolas External Environment. The brand image of Motorola is positive, the creation of brand awareness can bring fruitful results for the company. Motorola is one of those brands in the communication industry which is making the most of marketing and promotional activities. A little more focus on advertisement campaigns can further strengthen its position in the market. Innovation is a strong competitive advantage of Motorola. Following the principles of innovation, new products are created which are differentiated from those of competitors. Innovative products usually incur the low cost and resultantly, achieve customer satisfaction which in turn helps the company to capture more markets. Motorola is never afraid of taking risks and it is for this reason, innovation has been made possible. Motorola has organized itself into three divisions namely Home and Networks Mobility, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Devices. These three segments have their own share in their market and target different customers depending upon their status and other demographics. Motorola is a company where research and development is an active department. Due to continuous research in technology, Motorola has reached the platform of success and enjoys its presence in the area of major technology gadgets. The company offers products that are suitable for various income groups and this explains one of the reasons for its strong brand image. Threats: The biggest threat that Motorola faces is from its competitors. The competitors of Motorola in the telecommunication industry are many and almost all of them are technologically advance and depend highly on innovation for their success. These competitors have already captured a huge share from the market and are doing their best to capture more as well as focus majorly on acquiring new and retaining existing customers. The names of competitors include Nokia, Apple, Siemens, Samsung, Helio Inc, Sony Ericsson, Research in Motion, LG Electronics, and Mobile Internet Devices or MID’s. All these competitors have successfully positioned themselves in the industry for a long time and have a fine customer base. Therefore, it is difficult for Motorola to entice the customers and increase sales. At the beginning of Motorola’s operations, some of its products had defects due to which customers took some time to trust on the company’s products. Although there are no faults in the current products the perception of customers is hard to change. Forty-two percent of Motorola’s income comes from five huge customers in the segment of Mobile Devices. These customers are China Mobile, AT & T, Verizon, America Movil, and Sprint Nextel. If any of these customers switch to buy competitor products, then there is a possibility that Motorola will lose its revenues. Although Motorola focuses on promotional activities they are not up to mark. The marketing activities of competitors are strong and Motorola is facing a big threat from its competitors in this regard. Although Motorola is an innovative company the competitors are more active in incorporating innovation in their operations. Therefore, Motorola needs to speed up its innovation and research to overcome this threat. Motorola also faces trade barriers as it cannot carry its operations in some countries such as Japan.

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