How will your research benefit the discipline?

See files attached. English II work. Research paper help. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Research Log Entry 4: The Proposal ? Due Saturday by 11:59pm ? Points 75 Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled) **Please do not include previous Research Logs in this assignment submission** Research Proposal ? This is NOT a formal essay. You may submit this with headings and paragraph or statement responses. The research proposal is a document separate from the term paper, but it is a plan for that paper. The proposal?s purpose is to give you and me a way of reviewing your plan for the paper and judging whether that plan is viable and shows progress. ? Format The proposal should include the following information divided into corresponding sections with appropriate headings: ? Summary: statement of your guiding question. You will briefly indicate the focus of your study and your guiding question, explaining how the question is situated within a larger context in a given discipline (nursing, literary studies, engineering, etc.). ? Rationale: statement of origin, nature, and significance of the question and a projected outcome of the study. In the rationale, you will answer these questions: o Why is the question significant? o How did you become interested in the question? o What are the goals of this research (what do you hope to find)? o How will your research benefit the discipline? ? Methodology: Literally, your research methods. What databases have you used? Which search terms/phrases work and which ones do not work? Have you gotten stuck? How did you get back on track? Have you found too much information? How are you deciding which sources to keep and which to toss? ? Conclusion: statement of anticipated results and benefits of your research to yourself and to readers of your term paper. Summarize what you?ve learned through your research so far. ? References: statement of works cited in the proposal itself (not your complete Works Cited page). You will probably cite sources in the ?Summary? and ?Conclusion? sections of your proposal. Requirements: Length: 1-2 pages View the Answer Documentation style: MLA Rubric Proposal Rubric (2) Proposal Rubric (2) Criteria Ratings Addresses Assignment Full Marks 25 pts Partial Marks 13 pts No Marks 0 25 pts Shows critical thinking Full Marks 30 pts Partial Marks 15 pts No Marks 0 30 pts Uses correct documentation Full Marks 20 pts Partial Marks 10 pts No Marks 0 20 pts Total Points: 75 Show entire document Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Research Log Entry 4: Proposal Summary As the world?s population grows and develops so will healthcare needs (Selvam, 2013). People are having children earlier… Hey. Check out my response…. View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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