I will pay for the following article Empowerment. Does it work. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Empowerment. Does it work. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Empowerment June 6, Empowerment Introduction Empowerment, employee participation or workplace democracy refers to the ability and freedom given to one to make his/ her views heard. It is gauged in accordance to the degree of freedom and control that one has. In the world, today, most organizations are coming up with ways to empower their employees. This is by adopting some initiative that allow freedom towards the workforce albeit, not in its entirety. Organizations are following this trend as they deem employee knowledge, energy, ideas and creativity crucial to the success of the institution (Spreizter, 1). This paper seeks to explain empowerment and its impact in workplaces. TurnoverEmpowering an employee in the work place leads to increased productivity as compared to underpowered ones. Their performance levels are high, and they are happier with their job leading to job satisfaction and lesser complacency. Employees appraise their work in regard to the amount of pay they receive from their employer. thus an employee with more say in the workplace finds the conditions of more conducive for work. Empowerment creates a sense of responsibility and motivates them to put in more effort as they learn their role in the success of the organization. As a result, the productivity and output in terms of the organization’s fortunes increase.ProductivityFreedom and democracy in the workplace, empowerment, provoke the creativity of workers towards coming up with new ideas and concepts that lead to increased productivity and efficiency in work (Bednarz, 2012, par. 12). It also contributes towards positive attitudes and relationships between all members of staff. This is the result of . proper communication between all parties involved in decision making as they are all allowed to make their opinions known and also contribute on how they affect them (Sptreitzer et al par. 12).SafetyAt the workplace, employee empowerment ensures pay based on the level of knowledge that one has and the qualifications. This, in turn, leads to safety as employees do not participate in activities that they have no adequate knowledge in. As a result, employees are involved in personally managing their tasks and thus encourage a sense of responsibility for their jobs and wellbeing. Empowerment, therefore, leads to fewer investments concerning safety and compensation for workplace accidents (Bednarz, 2012, par. 11). In addition, lawsuits against the organization are reduced leading to increased savings by the organization and better working relations between employees and employers. It also boosts the relations between clients, and the organization at large due to appropriate positive attitudes.General lifeEmpowerment of an individual can beyond the workplace and into their daily lives. In an individual’s daily and general life, empowerment provides for self actualization and energizes (Sptreitzer et al par. 70-71). For example, outside the workplace, an individual may face challenges that empower them to do better in other areas. It also builds a reputation for an individual by being empowered by creating a sense of reliability and confidence which is seen by others.ConclusionEmpowerment in an individual is a crucial thing in both one’s personal life and the workplace. Empowerment should be fostered to cater for the benefits and even more, that it provides to employers, employees and clients.ReferencesSpreitzer, Gretchen. 2007, Taking Stock: A review of more than twenty years of research on empowerment at work. Retrieved on 6 Jun from 2012 http://webuser.bus.umich.edu/spreitze/EmpowermentandSelf-management.pdf Spreitzer, Gretchen, and Porath Christine. “Creating Sustainable Performance. (Cover Story).”&nbsp.Harvard Business Review&nbsp.90.1/2 (2012): 92-99.&nbsp.Business Source Premier. Retrieved on 6 June 2012 from http://hbr.org/2012/01/creating-sustainable-performance/ar/1 Bednarz, F. Timothy. February 9, 2012. Seven Key benefits of an empowered workplace. Retrieved on 6 Jun 2012 from http://majorium.wordpress.

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