Imagine that a networking contact at your dream agency asked you to email him/her your rsum for an opening in the firm.

Imagine that a networking contact at your dream agency asked you to email him/her your résumé for an opening in the firm. To prep your application packet (four pages in length), please do the following: 1. Research the World Wide Web to find a job posting (for purposes of this assignment)- one for which you’d really like to apply. Copy and paste the job posting (include the link for my reference) onto page one of your master document. 2. Prepare an application/cover letter for the position (based on the details listed in the job posting), and highlight both your interest in the vacancy, in addition to your skill sets/qualifications for the role in question. Your application letter will serve as page two of your master document. 3. Prepare (and/or update) your individual 4. Finally, compose a one-page paper in which you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your  Resume can be made up and you can pick the job too apply for but just keep it on the business side/Application letter61-40202,New York.24th April 2017.Human Resources Manager,Entertainment CruisesNew York.Dear Sir/Madam,RE: APPLICATION FOR TOUR & TRAVEL SALES ACCOUNT MANAGER…

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