In the eyes of many, the winner of the second presidential debate was not Trump or Clinton, but Bone.

In the eyes of many, the winner of the second presidential debate was not Trump or Clinton, but Bone. Ken Bone, a middle aged power plant worker from the midwest, was thrust into the national limelight after being selected to ask the candidates a question during the debate. What happened in the following days was a spectacle to behold. Ken was instantly adored by the public for his “every man” “normal guy” persona. Then, as quickly as his rise to fame happened, his plummet into infamy happened. Just days after the debate Ken conducted an “ask me anything” forum on the popular website This, in an of itself is normal and happens with some very famous people, including President Obama. While most people conducting these interviews use a newly registered username, not Ken, nope. Ken used his year old, personal reddit account /u/stangibson18, and that caused Ken some serious blow back by the media because he was a regular Joe, that makes regular Joe comments.Your assignment, discern fact from fiction, truth from lie. The media came down hard on Ken for being an every man, but was it deserved? His works were twisted and taken out of context. What media outlets did the worse by him, did any actually give his the respect he deserves? Did foreign media pick up on the story? if so, what did they have to say?  There are plenty of angles to work this one, so have fun with it. This whole event happened, blew up, imploded, and forgotten in about a week. Was it all just a distraction from something more important? You tell me. As always, your assignment should be 400-750 words, in APA format, and contain five (5) sources at a minimum

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