Instructions: Determine whether the following passages contain arguments.

Instructions: Determine whether the following passages contain arguments. If so, analyze and diagram all arguments contained in the passage by bracketing and labeling the premises and conclusions in the passage and then diagramming them by using the circled numbers, direction arrows and brackets. If they are not arguments, determine whether the following passage contains an explanation or a description. Explain and justify your answer with reference to the meaning of each of these terms.City Council should approve the proposed downtown arena, for several reasons. First, the need for the arena is obvious. Once the evidence is examined it becomes clear that the existing arena is inadequate. Moreover, it will revitalize the downtown and create an opportunity of other business to benefit from the increase in traffic. The question is whether or not the city can afford to build the arena. The problem is that the arena costs will run about $450 million. The city can raise another $250 million in a ticket tax and in property taxes for the new development over a 20 year period. The developer is willing to contribute $100 million, so that leaves a shortfall of $100 million. But, $100 million in a city of our size isn’t really very much money and wouldn’t take much to raise. I think that the city can afford the new arena.

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