Introduction to Sociology

SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Chapter 16 Exam Question 1Income and wealth in the family can result in buying more nutritious food, living in safer environments, and getting better healthcare. This has particularly positive effects for __________. Question 2The federal government became involved in regulating the costs of healthcare in the United States when __________. Question 3Eighty-five percent of African Americans who have suffered from a heart attack are treated in only 1,000 urban hospitals, while only 40 percent of white heart attack victims are treated in those same hospitals. This supports the theory that __________. Question 4Despite the occupation of nursing gaining professional status in the 1870s, the profession has long endured a(n) __________ in the field of healthcare. Question 5Sophie started smoking cigarettes in her teens and continued to smoke for all of her life. Sociologists investigating how this impacts her health would be looking at the __________ model. Question 6Contemporary sociologists argue that social contexts impact our health because social contexts __________. Question 7When an occupation is recognized by state agencies as possessing a kind of expertise that is self-regulated, such as physicians, these occupations have gained __________. Question 8Early life exposure that results in health issues in adulthood is referred to as the __________ model. Question 9What is a primary reason for the high rate of emergency room use by Americans? Question 10The sheer number and variety of large organizations and corporations that are associated with the American healthcare system has also been connected to the __________. Question 11Thomas is a professor of philosophy at State College. When he was diagnosed with skin cancer he sought out the most aggressive and cutting-edge treatments of the disease and soon found that he was cancer free. Thomas’s experience demonstrates how __________. Question 12__________ tend to suffer from less deadly chronic diseases such as arthritis, anxiety, or depression. Question 13Despite paying more on healthcare in the United States, we __________. Question 14According to studies from early in the twentieth century, students who attend more years of school __________. Question 15Challenges to the authority of physicians have increased in contemporary society, which can be seen through increasing incidents of __________.   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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