look over the sections I have already completed in terms of GRAMMAR, PARAGRAPH FLOW, AWKWARD PHRASING and GENERAL ESSAY EDITING.

Hello, I have an essay due today (Tuesday, March 29, 2016) at 2pm. I have completed 3 sections of my essay and I am currently doing the rest. I am in nursing and my essay is mostly reflective about my journey and how I have evolved as a nurse throughout this year. It also has to deal with the importance of social justice in nursing as well. I need someone to look over the sections I have already completed in terms of GRAMMAR, PARAGRAPH FLOW, AWKWARD PHRASING and GENERAL ESSAY EDITING. I’m not really looking for pointers on the actual context of the paper, I’m just looking for someone to edit it. Please ignore the brackets at the end of some of the sentences [e.g. (CNO), (1), (6)] those are just where I’m going to place my intext citations when I completely finish the essay. The sections I have done and need editing for are my ‘Introduction’, ‘Personal Journey’ and ‘Personal Philosophy’. Thank you very much. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Introduction Ever since I began maturing into adulthood my beliefs, values and inspirations have evolved and solidified, making me who I am today. Advocating for what is right and just has always been a principal value for me. My passion for learning, understanding and promoting justice in the world is what encouraged me to enter the well-respected nursing profession. As nurses, we have a moral obligation and responsibility to listen to our client?s stories and be the professional voice that will fight for fairness, equity and social justice (1). As my first year as a nursing student steadily comes to an end, I have not only gained knowledge of the nursing profession itself, but I have also gained fundamental beliefs and skills that I am determined to utilize throughout my nursing career. Thoroughly understanding and reflecting on social justice within the context of nursing is not only essential to my development and responsibility as a nurse, but also to the many other dedicated nurses across the globe. In this paper, I will explore the concept of social justice and its relation to nursing, reflect on my personal journey and development as a nurse, and lastly, discuss my personal nursing philosophy. Personal Journey of Discovery Choosing nursing as my future career choice has opened my mind to an increased amount of new concepts, values and attitudes. Nursing school is considered as a progressive journey that, due to its integration of many philosophical and scientific concepts, will force students to solidify their opinions and motives that will influence their practice as nurses. Although I was not always confident in my career choices at the beginning of this year, I can proudly say that I am now confident in my current attitudes and understandings, which have aided in my development as a student nurse. In fact, at the beginning of the year when asked the familiar question ?Why nursing??, I struggled immensely with my answer and discovered that I truly did not know exactly why I chose nursing. I knew that I was a caring person who wanted to help people, but that reason was not enough to be my basis and reasoning behind my occupational selections. It was not until half way through the year, while studying for my HPC final, that I realized my reason for joining nursing is now clearer in my mind. My participation in class activities, class discussions, interviewing patients and hands on practice has given me the ability to understand what nurses do and why the nursing mission is so appealing to me. Learning about nursing bodies, global health, and the role of nurses has reinforced my beliefs and motivation that drives my ambition as I continue to persevere through nursing school. It is extremely gratifying to know that I am in a profession that strongly encourages active and effective behaviour such as caring, being nonjudgmental, honesty, client-centred care and justice. As nurses, we are the voice of those who cannot fight for themselves. As we continue through this program, we are not only learning how to become nurses, but we are also learning how to become teachers, advocators, leaders, surrogates and counsellors. Nurses have voices and opinions that help shape society and public policy which aim to ensure the quality of life for individuals, families and communities (old lady). Since I became a nursing student, I have also realized that my appreciation and understanding of the significance of professionalism has grown immensely. In many of my nursing courses, we have discussed the importance of being professional and conducting yourself in a professional manner during and outside of practice. Acquiring View the Answer knowledge on professional practice has positively impacted the way I present myself in front of others and allowed me to appreciate the integrity of the nursing profession. I find my actions and behaviours are conducted in a more professional manner as I now understand the importance of how to present yourself in public, social media and during nursing practice. For me, becoming a nurse means that I will be educated and trained in many aspects in which I can offer health care, advocacy and evidence-based practice that will allow me to provide nonjudgmental care for all walks of life. It is inevitable that my attitudes and progress will evolve and change as I continue my journey through nursing school and become a registered nurse. Nonetheless, this year has significantly impacted and influenced me in ways that will reside with me for the rest of my life, as it was the first stepping-stone towards my ultimate realization of how perfect the nursing profession is for me. Personal Philosophy of Practice Nursing philosophies are the beliefs about nursing values, beliefs and goals, that are used as a basis for a nurse’s rational and actions. Most of these philosophies are related to the metaparadigm of nursing, which involves person, environment, health, and nursing (Chitty & black). I will be discussing my personal nursing philosophy in context to person, environment, health, nursing and social justice. Furthermore, I must first determine and reflect upon my values and beliefs in order to define my nursing philosophy. Coming from Palestinian and Arabic ancestry, I have always felt drawn towards fighting for justice, peace and equality since my country is undergoing turmoil and war. I felt a constant need to help those in impoverished countries like Haiti, Syria and Palestine due to my belief that these are the only countries experiencing inequality, low life quality and high mortality. Becoming a nurse has helped me understand that third world countries are not the only ones experiencing extremely distressful situations. In a first world country like Canada, certain groups of citizens such as the homeless, first nations and mentally ill are also suffering from low health status, increased morbidity and reduced access to quality health care (4). This realization that there is increased inequality and mortality in my hometown has reinforced my motive to fight for social justice, equity and fairness in areas all across the globe. I am also a strong believer that all humans deserve equal access to quality health care despite race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and social class. This belief in equality for all of society is firmly valued in the nursing profession as well. Nurses strive towards giving fair, equal care to all the clients they encounter including individuals, families and communities (3). Deciding to become a nurse has also enhanced my appreciation and utilization of evidence-based practice. The nursing profession relies on evidence, research and current studies to support the actions and care they deliver during nursing practice (EBP). Evidence-based practice is an appealing concept to me because it encourages nurses to be inquisitive and analytical. It also drives nurses to complete nursing actions with proper consideration and reasoning to ensure safe and competent care for all clients. Many professional nursing bodies such as the CNO, RNAO and CNA publish guidelines, competencies and literature on nursing values and practice that are similar to my beliefs and philosophies. Some of the CNO competencies for entry-level nursing practice include advocating for social justice and healthy public policy, promoting current evidence-informed practice and providing Show entire document Introduction Ever since I began to mature into adulthood, my beliefs, values and inspirations have evolved and solidified, making me who I am today. Advocating for what is right and just has always… Here is the explanation for… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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