Need an research paper on analysis of hedda gabler. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on analysis of hedda gabler. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Hedda appears to live a life that is really detached from her husband. She maintains a very independent outlook and seeks to pay back her perceived foes and people who disagreed with her in a manipulative manner. She appears to be a material lady who married her husband because she saw a lot of prospects in him. This caused Dr. Tessman to take a loan from Judge Brack to purchase a Prime Minster’s accommodation to secure Hedda’s hand in marriage. However, when things turned tough, she showed signs that she was not interested in the marriage. She therefore plays a manipulative role in the life of her husband’s rival, Eilert Lovborg. Lovborg had written a seemingly superior manuscript that put Hedda’s husband’s life in jeopardy.Hedda seem to have had a past affair with Lovborg and sought to pay her back. She therefore mainpulates Lovborg and Mrs. Elvsted a co-author of Lovborg’s most recent manuscript. Dr. Tesman steals Lovborg’s manuscript and gives it to Hedda. Hedda proceeds to burn the manuscript and hands over a gun to Lovborg who eventually commits suicide with it.With overwhelming evidence that Hedda had a role in Lovborg’s death, Judge Brack confronts her. Hedda commits suicide as an ultimate sign of her belief in freedom and the right to be self-oriented.

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