Need an research paper on prosopagnosia ( face blindness). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Need an research paper on prosopagnosia ( face blindness). Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Their study sought to find out more about the disorder in its congenital aspect. The researchers specifically wanted to know whether eye-movement based memory effect can stipulate evidence in congenital prosopagnosia. The behavioural indicator is a reprocessing result in face recognition. This means that when viewing a familiar object, the eye fixates less. The eye’s appraisals also occur in fewer areas. Formerly, prosopagnosia was commonly regarded as quite rare. However, recent experts have asserted that some are born with this impairment, thus, the term congenital prosopagnosia. This spectrum is characterized by having difficulties in perceiving not only faces but objects and visual scenes as well. The research consisted of two experiments. The first one aimed to duplicate the face reprocessing effect in two age groups (young adults and old adults). The 19 participants had normal vision acuities. They were made to view 40 different stimuli on the screen. Each face was presented for 5 seconds. Half of the materials were familiar. If a participant would perceive the stimulus as “known”, he would press the right button and the left if it were otherwise. Their respective reaction times were then recorded. The respondents’ retinal focus were assessed and calibrated.

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