Please help me with this lab! It is due tomorrow and I am quite desperate cause I do not fully understand this.

Please help me with this lab! It is due tomorrow and I am quite desperate cause I do not fully understand this. Thank you so much in advance. Dilution Colorimeter Lab Record all portions of this lab in your lab notebook. Remember all calculation require you to show your work! Objectives: ·            Use correct lab procedure to make accurate dilutions·            Use a spec20 to solve for absorbance of an unknown molarity.·            Use a colorimeter to solve for an unknown molarity. (PRELAB) Part 1 – Making the Stock Solution – this must be done by lab day1.       What mass of C12H24O11 is needed to prepare 50. mL of a 0.50 M solution of C12H24O11? 2.       Describe how you will make this solution. For full credit, include a labeled diagram with your explanation?(PRELAB) Part 2 – Making Dilutions – this must be done by lab day!1.       Show your work for the following dilutions. What volume of 0.5M C12H24O11 do you need to add to each concentration below to make a 5mL dilution?·           0.4 M C12H24O11·           0.3 M C12H24O110.2M C12H24O112.        Describe how you will make each dilution. How much water and how much of the concentrated solution will be in each cuvette? For full credit, include a labeled diagram for each dilution.Don’t forget to write how you completed this lab in your “PROCEDURE” section that allowed you to complete the objectives!Data: Part 3 – Determining the best wavelength to use.Use 0.5M solution for each wavelength ?:       460nm 490nm 530nm 570nm 610nm 650nm 690mn%T    _____         _____           _____           _____           _____          _____ _____A         _____         _____           _____           _____           _____           _____           _____The absorbance maximum is: __________, so we will use ______nm for our wavelength settings.Data: Part 4 – Determining Absorbance and %T of each solutionWavelength used: ______Concentration                    0.5M             0.4M             0.3M             0.2M      unknown

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