Please read the instructions carefully…….. “PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOUNDATION WORKSHEET THAT I HAVE ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOM…….” I need all the boxes on the worksheet to be filled in…… PLEASE LOOK

Please read the instructions carefully……..”PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOUNDATION WORKSHEET THAT I HAVE ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOM…….” I need all the boxes on the worksheet to be filled in……PLEASE LOOK AT THE EXAMPLES THAT I HAVE ATTACHED AT THE BOTTOMlook at the video link: these event selection parameters for all event selections:  These parameters must be followed for discussion board and assignment 1.? Select a ONE-DAY event from the list below? 250 attendees or less? The event must be profit orientated (make a profit)? Avoid Fundraisers, charity or cause affiliated events or messaging? Avoid celebrity involvement Select a one-day event from the list below and provide the information required per event.Album release (small artist/group that is not well known)     Name of the CD/event     Genre     Brief evaluation of the target audience for the releaseVideo Game (independently developed video game)     Name of the game     Type of game (FPS, role-playing, strategy, racing, sport related etc.)     Brief evaluation of the demographicsFashion Show (new or up-and-coming designer and/or collaboration of boutiques)     Name of the event     Style/season (bathing suits, casual wear, business attire, bohemian, retro, urban     wear, etc.) Be specific.     Whether the event will feature one designer, many designers or focus on     boutiques. (Choose 1)     Brief evaluation of the target audience for the showArt Show (new or up-and-coming artist(s))     Name of the event     Medium (painting, photography, sculpture, urban art, etc.)     Theme (nature, architecture, portrait, etc.)     Whether the event will feature one artist or a collaboration of artists     Brief evaluation of the target audience for the showMovie Viewing (new, independently produced film)     Title of the movie     Type of movie (horror, action, comedy, etc.)     Brief movie description (1 statement to sum up what the movie is about)     Brief evaluation of target audience for the viewingEntertainment Industry training or meeting (niche topic)     Topic for the event     Brief evaluation of target audience     In addition to required information per event, also include a brief overview of how you picture this event to flow. Consider the following questions for your initial post.  ? What will take place at the event?? What will the look and feel of the event be for participants?? What type of location could suit the type of event?Objectives:To develop the foundation for an event To articulate the vision for an event To evaluate feasible goals and measurable objectives for an event To identify an appropriate target audience for an eventComplete the template provided. Provide direct quotes and/or referenced data with in-text APA-style research citations to substantiate your statements.  This is a requirement to complete the target audience section of the assignment.

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