review the 3 journals provided and make appropriate English grammar correction

Please review the 3 journals provided and make appropriate English grammar correction, I just don’t have to go see a tutor to review this for me at my school. Thank you! ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment Diana De Paz-Ceus March 28, 2017 Clinical Journal 1-3 Journal 1 During the clinical on Monday, I took care of a patient who suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I was sort of surprise at first, because I have always thought that fetal alcohol syndrome only affects children. I have learned that it is a continous lifelong problem to adulthood. During interaction with my patient, I have observed that the patient to experience trouble getting along with others, she had poor social skills, she was very impulsive like as if she wants something she want it now and very bossy. I have observe that she had poor concept of time like working or staying on task together. It was very difficult to plan or work toward a goal with her. During my interaction with the patient, I have noticed that I felt like as if I was caring for a family member. I feel like I was caring for someone that I have known, even it was difficult to care for her, but I had a lot patience as if I was caring for my sister or my niece; because I have a younger sister who suffered from brain damage and a niece with down syndrome who I enteract with very frequent, and care for alot in the past. It is heartbreaking knowing that patient that suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome will experience problems with attention, memory, learning, communication, and/or social skills in there adulthood. During the the nursing report, the nurse working with me stated that patient that have FASD are affected in tremendous ways, and alot of it has to do with lack of early intervention and a stable home environment impacts on the illness. But for whatever reason, many individuals don?t receive appropriate therapy as a child and affected them even more as they get older. Journal 2 Yesterday’s clinical was a lot more productive than any others. Katie and I were able to attend the attend the nurses turn-over huddle. It was nice to be part of the huddle because the nurse caring for every patient has to give you a brief summary about every single patient. I thought it was very interesting after getting that report, and working the floor you pretty much have an idea of what to expect and which approach to take when interact with certains individual. I feel like the report was more like pre-orientation phase to get us ready before interacting with the patient, by knowing which approach to take when interacting with a patient. We played building blocks with the patients, where I got to observe how much impact a fun activities can have on patients with depression, mania, SI and Schizophrenia. Most of them really enjoyed the game, and wanted to participate. I observed some of them to burst out laughing, or smile. They gave the activity their full attention, it was more like they were in full control of their emotion which is very hard to do for patients with Schizophrenia. They were very greatful of that enjoyable moment. One of the patient expressed that he doesn’t have that much interaction with the staff on the floor, and felt that was the first time someone did something nice for them, and hoping for us to come back more often. It felt good that they really enjoyed the activities and hoping we can do more with them next time. Lastly, I was to enteract with one female patient, she was 51 years graduated with a bachelor in Engineering at Northeastern University. I really enjoyed working with her, because I could relate to her and thought I would do my clinical paper on her. Unfortunately she has been through alot in life, some major situational events took place in her life about 10 years ago, and here she is suffering from depression, anxiety, bipolar, insomnia and mania. Her story, made me realized that this could happened to anyone. Nobody is perfect, unfortunately life can hate us with both situational and adventious event that can take place at anytime in your life, when we have no 1 View the Answer Diana De Paz-Ceus March 28, 2017 Clinical Journal 1-3 control of these events. People with mental illness are just like us, we are no better than them. Sometimes, it is just nice to try understand what cause this person to be where they are today. Journal 3 During clinical yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with 3 patients, 2 of them were very friendly, and allowed Katie and I to perform an assessment on them. It was very interesting and different because I have worked the ED in the past where most of the psych patients got admit from and to the psychiatry unit. Working close with Katie yesterday as my partner, gave me a different view of psychiatric patients. Working in ED, where you just go to the patient room do vital signs, drawn blood, administering medication as required and proceed to the next patient. I felt different working there last night, it was more like a heartfelt, I came to understand that life traumatic experiences can put anyone in this state of mental illness. I came to realize that these patients are just like every other patients whether it’s cancer or diabetes. I am not sure what it is, but I went home wondering why there are so much of stigma against mental illness. Even people that have a background in the field tends to judgemental toward these individual with mental illness. When in reality mental illness is the same as any other neuro illness such as seizures. I really think that there is a lot of work that needs to be done to improve the society stigma of mental illness to improve the healthcare system for people with mental illness. I have never thought that I would develop an interest in working in a psychiatric unit. But I want to use my career to make a difference in people lives with mental illness. I am trying to develop as much skilll as I can throughout my rotation and take it with me to my nursing career. As a nurse I will always come accross someone with mental illness. 2 Diana De Paz-Ceus March 29, 2017 Clinical Journal 1-3 Journal 1 During the clinical on Monday, I took care of a patient who suffered from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I was surprised at first because I… Hello friend,… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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