SCROLL DOWN FOR QUESTION PICTURE The cost, C , in millions of dollars, of cleaning up an oil spill can be modelled by the function C ( p ) 20 __ 100

SCROLL DOWN FOR QUESTION PICTUREThe cost,C, in millions of dollars, of cleaningup an oil spill can be modelled by the functionC(p)±20__100²p, wherepis the percent ofthe oil that was spilled. The rate of changeof the cost, in millions of dollars, is given byR(p)±20__(100²p)2.a)State the domain and range of eachfunction, and explain what they mean.b)Calculate the rate of change atp±50,using the slope of the tangent toC(p).c)Compare the rate of change from part b)to that using the rate of change functionR(p)forp±50.d)Write a report outlining the cost of cleaningup the oil spill. Include the following:•graphs ofC(p) andR(p)•the total cost to clean up 25%, 50%,and 90% of the spill•the rate of change of the cost at 25%,50%, and 90% of the spill50%, and 90% of the spill

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