Subject: Information Governance – ITS-833  Chapter 5 – Strategic Planning and Best Practices for Information Governance Chapter 6 – Information Governance Policy Development ————————–

Subject: Information Governance – ITS-833 Chapter 5 – Strategic Planning and Best Practices for Information GovernanceChapter 6 – Information Governance Policy Development——————————————————————–o——————————————————————–Discussions:Discussion 1 —– Word count 225Details:While business metrics such as ROI (return on investment) may measure business performance, metrics that measure IG Metrics are different, but imperative in measuring IG performance.(a) Briefly discuss the role and purpose of metrics in an IG design.(b) Choose a specific organization or industry. Discuss at least 2 metrics (actual or proposed) that support an IG design. Include whether qualitative or quantitative data best serve the intended purpose.Be specific. Reference and cite as appropriate.——————————————————————–o——————————————————————–Discussion 2 —– Word count 225Long-Term Digital Preservation (LDTP) is significant in preserving an organization’s historical and vital records. The article referenced below from Smithsonian Institution Archives discusses some of the challenges associated with digital preservation.All organizations, though, differ in their preservation needs. After reviewing the information from the Smithsonian and the information from the text, discuss challenges, including some of the similarities and differences for a different organization (not the Smithsonian). Be specific. Reference and cite as appropriate.Reference:Smithsonian Institution Archives. (n.d.) Digital preservation challenges and solutions:.Retrieved from in-text citations and final references formatted according to APA style.For APA style guidelines refer to the APA folder located in the content area.——————————————————————–o—————————————————————————————————————————————-o——————————————————————–Assignment: (Impotent work Be careful )IG Best Practices• Review the descriptions in Chapter 5 of 25 IG best practices.• Research a recent news item detailing a data breach by any well-known organization.• Provide an essay discussing IG best practices. Within your essay:(a) Provide a summary of the apparent issue and circumstances.(b) Based on IG best practice considerations discuss the impact that any of the best practices could have had in influencing a different outcome.Minimum word count =750Minimum cited references = 3APA style format

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