The cost to become a member of a fitness center is as follows:

The cost to become a member of a fitness center is as follows:The senior citizens discount is 30%If the membership is bought and paid for 12 or more months, the discount is 15%If more than five personal training sessions are bought and paid for, the discount on each session is 20%.I need a menu-driven program that determines the cost of a new membership. Your program must contain a function that displays the general information about the fitness center and its charges, a function to get all of the necessary information to determine the membership cost, and a function to determine the membership cost. Use appropriate parameters to pass information in and out of a function. (Do not use any global variables.)So Far I have://Header files#include using namespace std;//function prototypesvoid displayInfo();int readData();int memCost(int, int, int);//function mainint main(){int cost;displayInfo();cost = readData();cout<<"nThe cost of the membership is : $"<>srCitizen;if(srCitizen != 1)srCitizen =0;cout<<"nChoose your fitness program...n";cout<<"1. Monthly membershipn";cout<<"2. Personal Trainingn";cout<<"nEnter your choice : ";do{cin>>proChoice;if(proChoice<1||proChoice>2)cout<<"Enter a valid choice : ";}while(proChoice<1||proChoice>2);if(proChoice==1){cout<<"Enter number of months you want : ";cin>>months;}if(proChoice==2){cout<<"Enter number of sessions you want : ";cin>>sessions;}cost = memCost(srCitizen,months,sessions);return cost;}//end read data//function to calculate membershipint memCost(int sr, int m, int s){int cost;//calculation if personal training is purchasedif(m==0){if(s<5)cost = s*100;elsecost = s*100*0.8;}//calculation if monthly is purchasedif(s==0){if(m<12)cost = m*200;elsecost = s*100*0.85;}//giving discount to senior citizensif(sr==1)cost=cost*0.7;return cost;}//end function calculateWhat am I doing wrong? help is greatly appreciated

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