the direct materials budget for Tarr. Prepare sales, production, P21-2A Deleon Inc. is preparing its annual budgets for the year ending December 31…

Please see attachment. Question # P21-2A. Instructions are below. the direct materials budget for Tarr.Prepare sales, production,P21-2A Deleon Inc. is preparing its annual budgets for the year ending December 312017. Accounting assistants furnish the data shown below.Wegbud dacodirect materials, direct labor,and income statement budgets.(LO 2, 3), APProduct JB 50Product JB 60Sales budget:Anticipated volume in unitsnow0400,000200,000$20$25Unit selling priceProduction budget:Desired ending finished goods units30,000h following15,000Beginning finished goods units Hiw t s25,00010,000Direct materials budget:Direct materials per unit (pounds)evtions from custom2For Mitch3Desired ending direct materials poundswodionalon 30,00010,000Beginning direct materials poundsomoofit gate 40,000boisebur! 15,000Cost per poundaring 10$3$4Direct labor budget:tomDirect labor time per unit0.4 Chisteamer 0.6Direct labor rate per hour$12$12Budgeted income statement:lol boilhafolneboggingvaTotal unit cost$13$20An accounting assistant has prepared the detailed manufacturing overhead budget(a) Total sales $13,000,000and the selling and administrative expense budget. The latter shows selling expenses of(b) Required production$560,000 for product JB 50 and $360,000 for product JB 60, and administrative expenses ofunits: JB 50, 405,000$540,000 for product JB 50 and $340,000 for product JB 60. Interest expense is $150,000JB 60, 205,000(not allocated to products). Income taxes are expected to be 30%.(c) Total cost of directInstructionsmaterials purchases$4,840,000Prepare the following budgets for the year. Show data for each product. Quarterly budgetsshould not be prepared.(d) Total direct labor cost$3,420,000(a) Sales.(e) Net income $1,295,000(b) Production.(d) Direct labor.(c) Direct materials.(e) Multiple-step income statement (Note: income taxes arenot allocated to the products).

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