THEO 202 DISCUSSION BOARD FORUMS GRADING RUBRIC Criteria Thread – Content Points Possible 0 to 10 points Thread – Mechanics Thread addresses the…

Topic: The Theological MethodThread: List the major areas of investigation in the theological method. Explain the ways in which the theological method can be described in terms of steps. Explain the ways it cannot be described in terms of steps.Replies: Describe which step of the theological method you believe you most often omit. How does this omission shape your theology?Please follow instruction and rubricAttachment 1Attachment 2THEO 202 DISCUSSION BOARD FORUMS GRADING RUBRICCriteriaThread – Content Points Possible0 to 10 points Thread – Mechanics Thread addresses the major topics posed by the forum.0 to 5 points Proper spelling and grammar are used. Thread – Writing Current Turabian format is used for any cited sources.0 to 5 points Replies – Content Thread meets the length requirement (at least 300 words)and uses adequate logical, biblical, and scholarly support.0 to 20 points Replies – Mechanics Replies meaningfully interact with classmates’ threadsand provide additional insight to the discussion. At least 2 replies are provided.0 to 5 points Replies – Writing Proper spelling and grammar are used. Any sources used are cited in current Turabian format.0 to 5 points Replies meet the minimum length requirement (at least 150words each) and use adequate logical, biblical, andscholarly support.TotalInstructor’s Comments: PointsEarned

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