Write 1 page thesis on the topic graphic design company, the core i5 processor.

Write 1 page thesis on the topic graphic design company, the core i5 processor. Graphic Design Company: the company deals with designing websites, car models and graffiti art and computer-aided fashion graphics. The basic needs in terms of technology in computer can be subdivided into software and hardware needs. Software needs: accounting software for keeping company records such as debtors’ records, creditors’ records and payment receipts, computer aiding design software that provides an efficient image, photo retouching, editing and composing tools to facilitate professional- high-quality work output in design. Hardware needs include a high-quality display system to showcase finished design projects, a central unit that is compatible and with modern-day design soft wares, command input devices, a safe back up storage system, cooperate display system, image capture and internet connection (Labuz 47).Soft wares include:adobe Photoshop, adobe illustrator, Corel draw, bookkeeping software’s e.g. MS Excel, MS Access and quick books. Hardware needs include: dell monitor 17 inches, central processing unit- core i5 processor, dell optic mouse, keyboard, 1TB external hard drive, 32megapixel Canon camera DSLR, a three-dimensional printer USB modem connection systemIntel : wake fast Internal hard drive,16gb RAM memoryLCD projector.Section 3The wake fast Intel responsive hard disc wakes up very fast- within seconds- hence the ability to resume to work without delays. The same capability is essential because it minimizes power consumption-since it operates on an ultra-low consumption.The 16 GB RAM is essential in storing data from the graphic design software and the operating system-all the running programs- and making it ready for access by the processor easily. External hard drive: the 1tb hard drive is essential in backing up important financial information and completed projects in the event of data loss to theft or damage.The 17-inch monitor is important as it provides a platform to examine the progress of the design project. The crystal clear display element ensures that the images are of high quality.In the event of corporate presentation, the projector projects larger images to a much larger audience.Bookkeeping software such as MS Excel and MS access are Microsoft programs which are essentially modern-day bookkeeping software for management decisions of the organization.

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