Write 2 pages thesis on the topic view point. CONTRASTING VIEW POINTS Wundt gave the theory that perception comprises of several sensory elements but each perceptual experience is distinct from its el

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic view point. CONTRASTING VIEW POINTS Wundt gave the theory that perception comprises of several sensory elements but each perceptual experience is distinct from its elements. Thus the sensory capacities compiled together give a new meaning and are not a sensation but a perceptual experience.” “Perception refers to the way the world looks, sounds, feels, tastes, or smells. In other words perception can be defined as whatever is experienced by a person” There are various kinds of perceptions qualitative perception which is the perception of qualities that we attribute to objects, temporal perception the perception of time, auditory perception how people interpret and respond to sounds. The perception of an individual greatly influences the way he acts and responds to various outside stimuli and the way he puts forth his view to other individuals.(Morgan & King) This is very widely seen in the profession of writers and reporters as they have the power and platform to influence the public by what they say and how they say it. It is often seen that individual difference could lead to two people having totally opposing views to a similar topic. One such incidence is seen in the field of magazines. Some magazines analyse and present topics to their readers only showing or highlighting the external view points, in such a magazine the entire package is one which is a bird eye view of all its internal articles as well. On the other hand there can be another magazine which may address the exact same topics however provides its readers with a more holistic and in depth view of all addressed topics. One such example of the above stated phenomenon is Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Maxim is a total Male magazine. It is considered to be an essential part of what the Man of today would require and answers all Male questions doing so in a witty and yet extremely relevant manner which is appealing to the Male society. It provides information about the latest and greatest tools and gadgets to hit the market. It provides men’s fashion tips, sex advice and music and movie reviews. It addresses the real issues that are concerns of men from all walks of life and does so successfully based on the key concept that men need to know very little about anything and everything to satisfy their curiosity. (www.maximonline.com/index.aspx – 100k)Cosmopolitan on the other hand is a complete women oriented magazine. It addresses issues and topics about everything and anything and provides women with women based views and reviews about things which are similar to Maxim. It also gives information about gadgets and tools, addresses issues of fashion/ cosmetics and gives sex advice. Keeping in mind that women require full information and in depth analysis of everything, the articles in this magazine do everything to answer the most likely as well as unlikely of questions and confusions. One can easily make a marked distinction about the internal contents of each magazine by simply concentrating on the covers. Maxim provides one word of two word phrases on the cover itself to highlight the inside given articles, thus showing the degree of briefness. Where as in the case of cosmopolitan the cover itself is like a table of contents, providing the main ingredients of articles one could find inside. (www.cosmopolitan.com)Thus showing the great depth one could find inside. To specify the degree of difference in view points the article addressed by both maxim and cosmopolitan about the various aspects of child rearing would be the best example. While maxim addressed this issue keeping the Male role as protector and provider with a display of responsibility at the heart of the article. It also went on highlighting how those were the most important factors which men needed to address and model in an effort to address it with a manner that was intact with male values and traditions. Cosmopolitan addressed the same issue keeping bonding and emotional connectivity as its core concept. Cosmopolitan high lighted the need for emotional connectivity and addressed various issues and taboos that went along with the change in how women reared children in the previous century and how it is done today relating how they were raised and the bonds they had with their mothers. Thus taking a complete women valued look at the issue. Both magazines discuss similar topics and in the case of this very article both writers started of with the same view point that child rearing practices had changed since older times. References:www.cosmopolitan.com/www.maximonline.com/index.aspxMorgan, C.T, & King, R.A (1999). Introduction to psychology. (7th Ed) London: England.

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