Write 5 pages thesis on the topic installation and configuration of an operating system.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic installation and configuration of an operating system. Basic operating system monitoring tools are classified into log-based tools and real-time tools. The significance of monitoring tools is to assist the computer in deciding the system, fixing systems and processes, managing resources in the system and examining systems. Real-time tools measure the present system state and update the performance of the operating system. The tools depend on system calls to extract information concerning performance readings, making it significant to system performance. Changing the real-time tools is very difficult due to the unavailability of the OS source code. The real-time tools mostly perform in UNIX and Windows systems. Process monitor, process explosion, process viewer, performance monitor, and task manager are the real-time tools found in Windows (Morimoto, Lewis & Noel, 2006). UNIX tools comprise process status, XOS view, trees and top tools.There are five features in real time performance tools that every tool should exhibit. The graphical user interface is the first feature that shows whether the real-time tool has a command-line interface or graphical user interface. The second feature helps indicate whether the tool is capable of updating its measurements at a certain rate, or it should be updated manually. The third characteristic typically shows whether the real-time tool allows controlling monitored processes and changing priorities and exit processes (Morimoto, Lewis & Noel, 2006). Every real time tool should exhibit the measurements of process performance. The final characteristic that every tool should exhibit is showing system performance.Log-based tools record the performance information meant for analyzing, post-processing and finding trends in the operating system. Performance Alerts and Logs are commonly used in Windows. Performance Alerts and Logs facilitate logging data, selecting data and showing the sampling rate of logging data. Windows’s various log-based tools include event viewer and Event Log Service, Performance Data Log Service and Performance Alerts and Logs. System activity reporter and CPUstat are the only log-based tools found in UNIX.

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