Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the firm and strategic human resource management.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the firm and strategic human resource management. The resource-based view of the firm has recently reached an eminent position among the principles and theories of the Human Resource strategies. The development of the research-based view of the firm in terms of theory, methods, practice and empirical evidence has significantly influenced the field of strategic human resource management. Human capital is one of the most valuable resources of a firm and therefore viewing the firm as a collection of assets or resources will be a strategic ideology of human resource management.This piece of research work is an attempt to critically review the work of Dunford, Snell and Wright (2001) – Human Resources and the Resource-Based View of the Firm- and to analyze the main findings of their work. This paper summarizes the views and findings of Dunford, Snell and Wright (2001) and outlines its relation with the general issues being discussed in the modules. This paper also identifies the practical implications and strengths and weaknesses of the masterwork.Dunford, Snell and Wright (2001) examined how the research-based view of the firm has been applied to the strategic human resource management concepts in terms of theory and empirical evidence. They found that the application of RBV has effectively led to increasing convergence between strategic management and strategic human resource activities. A research-based view of the firm focuses directly on the potential value of the internal assets of a firm for executing various strategies (Stahl and Bjorkman, 2006).Whether investing in human resource management functions can yield positive outcomes in organizational performance or not has always been a matter of concern for the management. Wright, McMahan and McWilliams put forth the idea that highly integrated Human Resource practice can always help a firm achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

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