write a profile of a classmate essay

I need help. Please see the attachment below. ……………………………………………………………………… ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment I have to write a profile of a classmate essay. But this is the firsr time and I don’t have any idea how to do it. Can you help me write an essay with 1,5-2 pages. I interviewed my new friend last week in class last Tuesday and I got some information. Direction: describe apperance, behavior, character, accomplishments. Quotations (1 each paragraph), dominant idea/ conveyed in your essay title, introduction and conclusion.) We interviewed each other at 1:40pm in class and she wore a blue jean and white T-shirt. She was quiet when we frst met in class but after we talked to each other she was really nice and friendly. Her name: Maria. She from Sonora Hermosillo, Mexico. She is 21 yrs old and her birthday on November 20,1995. Her major is nursing and this is her freshman year in college. She has 3 sister and 2 puppies at home and she like hot weather. Hobbies: makeup, dance, track, basketball and cheerleading in High School, captain cheerleading in last year of high school, volleyball (championship). Fee time: hangout with friend like driving around town with friend, go to the movie. swimming, hinking and skating. Job: waiter in the restaurant: El Rinconsico Language: English and Spanish Fav color: pink Apperance: quite when fisrt met, outgoing when become a good friend Travel: Mexico, Las Vegas, California, Arizona, Utah. Fav movie: romantic, suspensful Accomplish: graduate from college and have a good life. Quotation: background childhood, “I’m playing a lot of babies until 9 years old. I still have my babies.” and “I want to maintain a house when I get marrige.”, “I love Mexican food and I also like seafood.” PROFILE OF A CLASSMATE : I interviewed my new friend a fresher and gathered her profile information while talking to her last week, and her profile is like this. My friend’s name who is a fresher… Here is a detailed explanation… View the full answer   Share this:TwitterFacebook

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